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#Personallearning 2016 #3, Was Nrc01pl, 8 Links
Personal Learning/#Pln, Was Nrc01pl, July 2016 #3, 14 Links
Audrey Watters On Twitter: "The Blockchain For Education: An Introduction Https://T.Co/Qdrugcv7be"
An Open, Online Course Model To Prepare Faculty To Teach Online
Nrc01pl March/April 2016, 21 Links
Rt @Fgraver: It'S Week 7, And There Should Be #Nrc01pl Readings... Here'S My Entry For A Wednesday. Https://T.Co/M79pd4ye2k
From Content Creation To Content Curation: The Importance Of Curation ~ Stephen Downes
Elearning Guild On Twitter: "Q4. Why Does The Lms Continue To Play A Huge Role In Organizations? Do You See This Changing? #Guildchat"
The Learning Lines Blog - Learning Lines
Linking Online Identities And Content In Connectivist Moocs Across Multiple Social Media Networks
Raffaelina Rossetti On Twitter: "And Here Part 2 Of The #Sketchnotes #Nrc01pl - Only The Moocecosystem Is Not All The Way Finished. Https://T.Co/Klet4vkct2"
Miguel Alós On Twitter: "The Lms As Portal - Digital Pedagogy Lab-Cairo By @Slamteacher #Criticaldigitalpedagogy Https://T.Co/I5x4ljma2e"
Raffaelina Rossetti On Twitter: "My #Sketchnotes #Nrc01pl For Week 3 Are Finished - Part 1 Https://T.Co/Ceyt6z29c1"
Aras Bozkurt On Twitter: "A Ple Is Not Limited To Web 2.0 Tools, It'S All About Tools N Learning Community. C The #Nrc01pl Network From Week1 Https://T.Co/Usykjwwea6"
Next Generation Learning Analytics: Or, How Learning Analytics Is Passé | Timothy D... - Linkis.Com
#Nrc01pl #Socialmedia, Blogroll,
Simon Ensor On Twitter: "The Rhizome: A Problematic Metaphor For Teaching &Amp; Learning In Mooc @Francesbell @Mdvfunes @Jennymackness Https://T.Co/6fcpkn4p1t #Rhizo16"
Deakindigital Credentialing For Career Success
Personal Learning, Formerly Nrc01pl June 2016, 20 Links
Post-Nrc01pl: #Personallearning, 16 Links
Learning And Performance Support Systems: Personal Learning Record: User Studies White Paper - Nrc Publications - Canada Institute For Scientific And Technical Information
Visualising Connectivist Networks | Connection Not Content
Raffaelina Rossetti On Twitter: "#Sketchnotes For Week 2 Of #Mooc #Nrc01pl - Trying To Catch Up With Week 3 Soon ;) Https://T.Co/8qgge4ctgh"
Mooc De Stephen Downes
Nrc01pl 07 - The Mooc Ecosystem - Youtube
Personal Learning Environments
Nrc Publications - Canada Institute For Scientific And Technical Information
Developing A Framework For Research On Personal Learning Environments | Open Education Europa
Dspace Open Universiteit: Challenges For Ple Research And Development
#Nrc01pl #5 March 2016 #3, 18 Links
Graham Attwell On Twitter: "Learning With Me Mate:Analytics Of Social Networks In Higher Education By @Dgasevic #Highereducation Https://T.Co/6auidyuwld Via @Slideshare"
Rt @Fgraver: #Nrc01pl Started A G+ Thread For A Potential Chat. Https://T.Co/N1shoyeuml Https://T.Co/Opmfhiqwm3
Lee Fallin On Twitter: "The Very Wonderful Manifesto For Teaching Online 2016: Https://T.Co/4rvltrknbe And 201: Https://T.Co/0zfw5opujc #Aldcon"
Experience With A Learning Personal Assistant
Zuckerberg Education Ventures Backs Learning Assistant Camera App Volley ~ Stephen Downes
Fun - A Propos De Fun
The Training And Learning Architecture: Infrastructure For The Future…
Multilitteratus Incognitus: Ple, The Learner, Open Learning, And...Academia
Learning And Performance Support Systems Program - National Research Council Canada
Nrc01pl March 2016 #4, 11 Links
Learning Objects ~ Stephen Downes
Personal Learning
Seven Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments - Eli7049.Pdf
History Of Personal Learning Environments - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Elearning Papers - Personal Learning Environments
Cmoocs-Welcome Home!This Is Just The Beginning
#Nrc01pl #4 March 2016 #2, 16 Links
Recognizing Self-Directed Learners With Open Badge Ecredentials | Littoraly
Top Story: Could Slack Be The Next Online Learning Platform? | Edsurge News Https://T.Co/Spiyfuczml, See More Https://T.Co/E4xx5t9xa3
301 Moved Permanently
Research Spotlight: Academic Learning Management Systems 2016 - 2018 By Sharon Vipond : Learning Solutions Magazine
#Nrc01pl Bundle On Inoreader
#Nrc01pl #3, Mar2016, 20 Links
Mapd On Twitter: "A Map Of The Entire Internet Https://T.Co/2lvxei5gnm By @Barrettlyon #Dataviz Https://T.Co/M2lcnfcl2t"
Aras Bozkurt On Twitter: "Satisfaction, Preferences And Problems Of A #Mooc Participants #Hybridmooc #Edcmooc @Edcmooc Https://T.Co/Eiaaa36jzi"
Stephen Downes On Twitter: "The 2016 Look At The Future Of Online Learning #Oldaily Https://T.Co/T7nlmxsqqh"
Vialogues : Personal Learning Introduction #Nrc01pl
Vialogues : #Nrc01pl 02 Week 2 Tuesday Hangout: Content Knowledge V Practice
The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment
Personalized Learning: Why Your Classroom Should Sound Like A Coffee Shop - The Hechinger Report
What'S Next For The Lms? | Educause
#Nrc01pl #2, 12 Links
She'S So Heavy | Attempts At Meaningful Dialog In Educational Technology
Beyond Instructional Design: Open Spaces And Learning Places ~ Stephen Downes
The Mooc Ecosystem ~ Stephen'S Web
Look How Much Better A City Can Be When It Designs For People Not Cars
Matt Jenner On Twitter: "Notice @Downes #Nrc01pl Personal Learning Mooc On Https://T.Co/0fbhx0ncds Includes Signing Away A Fair Amount Of Your Data - Lesson 0? :\"
#Nrc01pl, 23 Links
The Non-Uberization Of Education | The Ed Techiethe Ed Techie
What'S Next For The Lms? (Educause Review) | Educause.Edu
Inside Nrc01pl And Inside Edx - Youtube
Half An Hour: Personal Learning Mooc

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