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Mar 30, 2016


Week 6 - The Personal Learning Assistant

A short week this week as we gear up for the penultimate section of the course.


Tuesday hangout - View Here - the Personal Learning Assistant


Learning records and learning record stores - resources and readings


Discussion and assignment


Friday Hangout - Click here to attend


Learning And Performance Support Systems Program - National Research Council Canada
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Tuesday Hangout - The Personal Learning Assistant

We look at the concept of a personal learning assistant - with some examples from the world of e-health - and at ADL's plans for a Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL). View video on YouTube [Direct Link]

Twitter Posts

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@Learning_Lines: @jupidu #NRC01PL Do you have any info on how Slack compares to Yammer in an enterprise social network context? (Mon Mar 28 05:16:01)

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@Learning_Lines: @arasbozkurt @Downes @oldaily #NRC01PL Also curious. would love to see result. (Mon Mar 28 05:13:27)

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Tags: OneTab NRC01PL nrc01pl-collection MOOCs mooc connectivism mooc-blog Mon, 28 Mar 2016 05:45:51 +0000

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@arasbozkurt: @Learning_Lines I hope @Downes @oldaily hears our voice ;) #NRC01PL (Mon Mar 28 08:49:39)

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@fgraver: With only one definite «maybe», I think we’ll drop this today… :) #NRC01PL https://t.co/UQtWObFx0q (Mon Mar 28 10:31:30)

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@fgraver: @Learning_Lines @jupidu / on the other hand, I use Slack for an international project. It’s easier to have an overview, I find. #NRC01PL (Mon Mar 28 10:29:59)

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@fgraver: @Learning_Lines @jupidu I wonder if there are any studies. We have Yammer at my institution, but no one uses it. #NRC01PL /cont. (Mon Mar 28 10:28:58)

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@celestialnaomi: @koutropoulos thank you. i have read your posts/comments in rhizo and #NRC01PL . searching 4 ur blogspace now; can u help me to find it svp? (Mon Mar 28 18:33:50)

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@fgraver: Many interesting things here, for #NRC01PL, among others. https://t.co/oOLGwXPjeq (Mon Mar 28 19:26:12)

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@koutropoulos: @celestialnaomi you can find me at https://t.co/8SrYqgB3qw :) #NRC01PL (Mon Mar 28 19:00:21)

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@fgraver: "Designing Next-Generation Universities" #NRC01PL https://t.co/wDOZ2ncMgp (Tue Mar 29 05:15:59)

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@koutropoulos: PLE, the Learner, Open Learning, and...Academia #NRC01PL https://t.co/Bgzkt7kYcf (Tue Mar 29 13:09:29)

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@VanessaVaile: @celestialnaomi myb=maybe…many academics should have at least reading French…PS just found this https://t.co/qXcn0xHBqM @Downes #NRC01PL (Tue Mar 29 15:41:11)

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@VanessaVaile: #NRC01PL #PLE=Learner…#OpenLearning…Academia…#mooc https://t.co/xE4NF2GlPe https://t.co/t6Kd6cKrLZ via @Inoreader #PersonalLearning #mooc (Tue Mar 29 15:11:18)

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@fgraver: Forgot it’s Tuesday today! #NRC01PL (We had Monday off here in Norway). Will have to catch the recording this week. https://t.co/gBidkuNdhC (Tue Mar 29 16:20:28)

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@fgraver: Good post; I agree the c part of #NRC01PL has been…low-key, but the newsletter is great. https://t.co/Bj6x3K7JDj (Tue Mar 29 16:13:59)

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Tags: NRC01PL Tue, 22 Mar 2016 16:53:59 +0000

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