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Mar 22, 2016


Welcome to Week 5 - Learning and Performance Support Systems

This week we are looking at the NRC's prototype personal learning environment, LPSS.me, which was developed in 2014 to test some of the core concepts of the PLE. You will be asked to create an account and log in, and encouraged to share your opinions in the discussion. The week will also include discussion and presentation of the vision behind LPSS.me

Monday, March 21

Intro video + Readings

Tuesday, March 22

12:00 p.m. Eastern Time Live Hangout on Air - Exploring LPSS.me

Wednesday, March 23

Discussion & Assignments

Thursday, March 24

Video The LPSS Vision


Friday, March 25

12 Noon eastern - Live Hangout on Air - reflecting on LPSS.me


Create an Account in LPSS.me

To participate in the activities this week we encouyrage you to create an account in the NRC's LPSS.me website. Take a look around, keep track of what you think, and we'll ask you to react in this week's discussion. [Direct Link]

Live Webcast - Tuesday Noon Eastern

12:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Live Hangout on Air - Exploring LPSS.me

In this webcast we'll explore the LPSS.me website and talk about some of the thinking behind its design.

[Direct Link]

LPSS Overview

If I had to depict LPSS in a nutshell, I would describe it as a combination of the MOOC project we've been working on over the last few year, as well as our work in Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). The objective is to build a system where individuals can access, and get credit for, learning from any education provider at all, whether from home, the workplace, or at a school. Click here to read [Direct Link]

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@VanessaVaile: @fgraver easy enough to find for #NRC01PL https://t.co/6wvS2GPvjB PS @Learning_Lines still waiting on rss (Sat Mar 19 04:16:59)

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@VanessaVaile: @donpresant I've added to my PLE w/ every MOOC + revisiting previously mooc-met, like old home week ~ expect no different in #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 05:53:19)

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@rarospirit: Learning outcome of Social Networks - one size doesn't fit all. PLE includes a social network. #NRC01PL https://t.co/9tLPcyiVtM (Sat Mar 19 09:40:18)

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@VanessaVaile: excellent observation as valid for advocacy & professional #socialnetworks as #learning ones #NRC01PL https://t.co/aKKJ2qfH64 (Sat Mar 19 15:28:50)

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@VanessaVaile: @celestialnaomi not sure but think so…recall asking abt @ULLafayette #francophone program…myb unis wd b where 2 start + here on #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 16:14:07)

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@donpresant: Managing Metadata with Resource Profiles via @Downes https://t.co/i2kRmb9U8T Usefully parses 1st/2nd/3rd party metadata #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 18:12:55)

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@donpresant: #OpenBadges Connectors for Open Learning https://t.co/hmmJDFQDkA #NRC01PL #PLE #edtech (Sun Mar 20 20:32:01)

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