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Mar 20, 2016


NRC01PL Friday Hangout

March 18, 2016. In the Friday hangout I described some of the thinking underlying the idea that learning is based on the creation of an adaptive network that can learnj about and respond to complex environments. [Direct Link]

From Individual to Community: The Learning Is in the Doing

In this presentation I begin with the assertion that learning is personal, distinguish 'personal' from 'personalized' as being based in personal practice, describe practice in a learning network, and show how progress and evaluation through practice is based on performance in authentic communities. [Direct Link]

Twitter Posts

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@VanessaVaile: @fgraver easy enough to find for #NRC01PL https://t.co/6wvS2GPvjB PS @Learning_Lines still waiting on rss (Sat Mar 19 04:16:59)

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@VanessaVaile: @donpresant I've added to my PLE w/ every MOOC + revisiting previously mooc-met, like old home week ~ expect no different in #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 05:53:19)

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@rarospirit: Learning outcome of Social Networks - one size doesn't fit all. PLE includes a social network. #NRC01PL https://t.co/9tLPcyiVtM (Sat Mar 19 09:40:18)

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@VanessaVaile: excellent observation as valid for advocacy & professional #socialnetworks as #learning ones #NRC01PL https://t.co/aKKJ2qfH64 (Sat Mar 19 15:28:50)

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@VanessaVaile: @celestialnaomi not sure but think so…recall asking abt @ULLafayette #francophone program…myb unis wd b where 2 start + here on #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 16:14:07)

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@donpresant: Managing Metadata with Resource Profiles via @Downes https://t.co/i2kRmb9U8T Usefully parses 1st/2nd/3rd party metadata #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 19 18:12:55)

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