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Mar 17, 2016


What does Personal Learning Mean to You?

The objective of research on MOOCs and on personal learning is to comprehend the individual needs of learners, as opposed to finding the needs of the average learner. At this point, contribute to the course by identifying your own particular needs in learning. How do your needs differ from that the average learner might need? How could a learning system best provide this?

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Chat between Personal Learning Environment ( PLE ) and Learning Management System ( LM

Click here to view on YouTube. A chat about some ideas between Learning Management System and Personal Learning Environment. Una conversación sobre LMS y PLE. Patricio Bustamante M.
[Direct Link]

Challenges for PLE research and development

Slides from a presentation given by Marco Kalz at the E-Learning course at RWTH Aachen, May 5, 2011. It begins with the criticism of the learning management system and then outlines major trends in personal learning environments. Downloadable version here. [Direct Link]

The cMOOC Research at NRC

In the live webcast yesterday NRC researcher Helene Fournier described the results of research that has been conducted on MOOCs and personal learning users over the last 7 years. Here are the links to that research:

- NRC publication archive listing for Helene Fournier

Openeducationeuropa, publication titled Developing a framework for research on personal learning environments

[Direct Link]

Twitter Posts

@ tweeted:
@jupidu: My students choose slack as communication platform, instead of facebook or google+ #learning_environment #NRC01PL (Wed Mar 16 07:01:39)

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@fgraver: I’ve been adding links to the #NRC01PL Google+ group https://t.co/MKEd56I8Ib; will try to remember to add them to Diigo when I get home too. (Wed Mar 16 08:08:04)

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@cpjobling: The connectivist MOOC - research and conclusions fascinating watching this after the event #NRC01PL https://t.co/hdu0BOwFCX (Wed Mar 16 17:43:55)

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@cpjobling: The connectivist MOOC - research and conclusions with https://t.co/hdu0BOwFCX with Stephen Downes and Helene Fournier #nrc01pl (Wed Mar 16 17:09:35)

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@arasbozkurt: I don't expect 2 c a facilitator as "sage on the stage", but would be great 2 c as a "guide on the side"... #NRC01PL @oldaily (Wed Mar 16 19:33:34)

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@arasbozkurt: a PLE is not limited to Web 2.0 tools, it's all about tools n learning community. C the #NRC01PL network from week1 https://t.co/USYKjWWEA6 (Wed Mar 16 19:25:11)

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@arasbozkurt: @rarospirit #NRC01PL Great work... (Wed Mar 16 19:16:05)

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