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Mar 15, 2016


Live Webcast - from Moncton, New Brunswick

The connectivist MOOC - research and conclusions
Tuesday, March 15, 11:00 Eastern daylight Time (View your time zone)
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Week 4 - Personal Learning Environments - Introduction

Monday, March 14

Intro video + Readings

Tuesday, March 15

11 a.m. eastern - 12:00 p.m. Moncton Time
Live Hangout on Air - the connectivist MOOC - research and conclusions

Wednesday, March 16

Discussion & Assignments

Thursday, March 17

Video A personal Learning Environment Architecture


Friday, March 18

12 Noon eastern - 9:00 a.m. San Diego Time
Live Hangout on Air - models and perspectives on the PLE

Saturday, March 19

Keynote speech from San Diego: From Individual to Community: The Learning Is in the Doing

Personal Learning Environments - Reading

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Twitter Posts

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@Learning_Lines: @donpresant #NRC01PL Interested in your ideas about credentialing with badges in organisational social learning. Do you have examples? (Sat Mar 12 06:48:12)

@ tweeted:
@Learning_Lines: @charlesjennings @claudioerba73 #NRC01PL Tks for clarification. Is F2F informal learning conversation in the workplace also in 20? (Sat Mar 12 06:38:37)

@ tweeted:
@donpresant: @Learning_Lines Thinking of a blog post to explore both earning and leveraging #OpenBadges in the 20 of #702010 - thx for idea #NRC01PL (Sat Mar 12 14:21:00)

@ tweeted:
@donpresant: @Learning_Lines Few yet, tho see redcritter who've added #OpenBadges to gamification of induction etc. #NRC01PL Earn vs. leverage socially? (Sat Mar 12 14:19:12)

@ tweeted:
@jennymackness: #NRC01PL Any Spanish speakers out there who want to engage with @juandoming comment on my blog https://t.co/I3vCXdntIS My spanish challenged (Sun Mar 13 10:58:13)

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@celestialnaomi: https://t.co/j1nqMacSPV #NRC01PL #rhizomaticlearning (Sun Mar 13 13:20:10)

@ tweeted:
@jupidu: emergence and recognition @jennymackness do you see a connection to the #footprints of emergence? #nrc01pl https://t.co/g14zOlbhRk 21:18 (Sun Mar 13 15:35:59)

@ tweeted:
@jupidu: pros and cons of LMS @reimerth what do you think about Donald's post https://t.co/vaHFvgs3k4 #nrc01pl (Sun Mar 13 15:25:52)

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@fgraver: Some thoughts on #NRC01PL so far. https://t.co/eiMjkeIOli (Sun Mar 13 16:35:25)

@ tweeted:
@fgraver: @jennymackness Small can indeed be beautiful! No arguments there. And so far I too have the feeling the people are the right ones. #NRC01PL (Sun Mar 13 17:17:32)

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@donpresant: Personal Learning Ecosystems as an "Internet of Badge Things" #NRC01PL #OpenBadges https://t.co/Ql4xzlQPRc https://t.co/b0bXRnCZjT (Mon Mar 14 21:10:39)

@ tweeted:
@donpresant: Like it; feeds into @Downes' notion of interactive layered ecosystems that I just blogged about for #NRC01PL MOOC https://t.co/Y4imH40r1y (Mon Mar 14 23:12:40)

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